St. Joseph Jumuiya Small Christian Community consists of Families around LD petrol station up to AP (Administration Police) Stage in Utawala.

It consist of 5 Officials namely James Ondieki Kombo Chairman, Vice Chairman Esther Kamau, Secretary – Beatrice Adongo Ochieng, David Shikuku -Vice Secretary and Betty Akinyi Hasea – Treasurer

St. Joseph Jumuiya has 42 members in total, We usually have our year planners of which we use as a guide for the whole year activities, this year planner contains all the Jumuiya schedule for all families for the whole year whereby we rotate in every house and pray together every Sunday afternoon from 3pm we also have masses that we plan as a Jumuiya whereby we invite the parish priests for mass and also we share lunch together. We visit children’s homes, we visit the sick, and also comfort the bereaved not forgetting going to the shrines like Komarock shrine and Subukia shrine, we also assist the less fortunate families like this year we have been helping a parent pay school fees for a daughter who has been staying at home due to lack of fees.

We as St. Joseph Jumuiya welcomes and encourages all families who stay around and would like to join us.

We are a wonderful loving and co-operative family and together we grown in faith