Holy Family Utawala Youth Community


The youth group was established in attempts to bring youths closer to the church through various activities. Holy Family Utawala Youth is Famous for nurturing talents through the archdiocese music festival and sports. Youth Chair emphasized that evangelization is the main drive that has contributed to the steady growth of the youth group.” We always aim at evangelization and reaching out at every youth in the community. This is a driver emphasized by our dear Fathers, He says.

There are various activities undertaken by the group at the parish among them are Youth prayer  meeting, Projects, Choir, Sports , Music Festivals and Retreats.

Youth prayer meeting

Takes place every Sunday at the afternoon at the members’ residence or at the church vicinity, the main objective of this youth meeting is to promote bible sharing among the youth and also strengthening the catholic faith through praying the catholic prayer.



The youth projects are majorly used in funding the events of the group. The activities and operation of the above movement greatly rely on the practitioners support and contribution by the youth and as well as well wishers.



Takes place


Music Festival

Music Dance and Drama: culture for peace building and community re- integration by youths whom are from school.

Music and Dance and Drama; for Environmental sensitization, prevention and care of the environment by member of the small Christian groups.



Sports and games build active youth and productive utilization of energy.






Takes place twice a year, at St Patricks’ theology center in Karen. It activities include; Spiritual talk, sports, guidance on how to pray among other normally facilitated by Fr Joe.

This takes place every year around March and July. The youth have made it a habit to always attend these retreat that is organized with the assistance our parish priests.


The Holy Family Catholic Utawala Parish is fairly young but fast growing under the leadership of the following members:

  • Chairman ………
  • Secretary ………

Duly registered members of this association currently stand at 50

The association meets every second Sunday of each month after 10am mass in the Church hall. We are constantly inviting new membership to join our association.


Our first meeting session took place on 25th May, 2016.

We basically focused on the following:

  • Members’ expectations
  • Vision of CMA
  • Mission of CMA
  • Qualities of a CMA member
  • How to increase CMA membership


Our second meeting took place on 10th June, 2016, and discussed the following:

  • Role of CMA in the Parish
  • Roles of the CMA leadership


Our third meeting took place on 30th July, 2016 that exhaustively discussed the spiritual life of a CMA member.


Our fourth meeting took place on 15th August, 2016. The following three key points that bind CMA members were discussed:

  • The Constitution
  • The Bylaws
  • The Commitment/Commission


Important Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday 22nd August, 2016 – CMA meeting – Spiritual formation session
  • Sunday 10th September, 2016 – CMA inauguration