Catholic Women Association (CWA)


The Catholic Women Association (CWA) is a lay movement with the mandate to empower Catholic women spiritually, morally, socially and economically for the purposes of evangelizing families and society at large. The Catholic Women Association of Holy Family -Utawala Parish falls under the Eastern Deanery in the Archdiocese of Nairobi and started as an outstation of Christ the King- Embakasi parish.

Its main goal is to enhance the spiritual growth of Catholic women and enable them participate effectively in evangelization and sanctification of humanity. The movement brings women closer to God and unites them as they participate in the general development of their church and community. Our patron saint is St. Monica who is our model as a wife, mother and Saint.


MOTTO: Strong in faith.


VISION: To seek and bear witness to Christ, committed to holistic development of Catholic women and families in the parish.



  1. The Utawala CWA members wish to work with the parish closely with the church leadership in its apostolic work, promote active participation of members in evangelization.
  2. Endeavour to bring together all Catholic women in Utawala so as to promote Catholic doctrines and to promote the socio-economic well-being of members.
  3. Evangelize and work to bring back fallen Christians to the faith, through participation in parish and community activities.
  4. Undertake charitable activities within our parish and deanery. Such activities include visiting homes, hospitals, prisons and provision of basic needs and services to the needy etc.

Our charitable activities are sustained through CWA membership and annual contributions; and donations from members, family and friends.

Holy Family-Utawala CWA participates in evangelization at all levels including:

  1. The first Christian Church i.e. the family.
  2. Sharing the Word of God in all its meetings/gatherings.
  3. Retreats and seminars.
  4. Helping the sick and needy.





By the grace of God we are growing steadily, and membership increasing year by year, at present membership is 150 women.

The year 2017 marked another milestone in the history of HFU CWA when 90 women were commissioned following a rigorous formation of six months.




Members operate a simple kiosk within the church compound where they sell fruits after Sunday masses to raise funds for the associations’ activities.


Members meet every second Sunday of the month for important briefings of the association’s happenings at the parish, deanery and archdiocese level. Top of the meetings is bible verses sharing and prayers then other agendas follow.

Other than monthly meetings members are engaged in their growth through

  • Formation classes
  • Seminars
  • Retreats and recollections


Membership is open to all baptized catholic women who have attained the age of 18 years.